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Your vehicle’s cargo or trunk area endures abuse on a daily basis. We load heavy bags, cartons and boxes as well as different messy and dirty tools in our car’s cargo area. These things leave your carpet looking stained, ripped and dirty. Cargo liners like Maxliner-USA’s SMARTLINER can help to preserve your carpet without taking away the functionality from your trunk or cargo area. With your trunk or cargo area covered with a custom fit heavy duty liner by SMARTLINER, you can prevent your hauls from causing permanent damage to your carpet. Just like our car floor mats, our cargo liners come in a modern style and high quality materials to help shield your carpet from corrosive liquids, dirt, and daily wear and tear. SMARTLINER cargo liners are more affordable as compared to other products available in the market today. All of our floor mats and cargo liners carry a Lifetime Warranty maximizing the value of your money and the resale value of your vehicle.